ICICI Lombard Health Insurance

You need health insurance that covers all your medical expenses for illnesses or injuries. And for such needs, ICICI Lombard Health Insurance is your solution. It protects you from unexpected medical expenses as ICICI Lombard will reimburse your hospital bills or pay the medical expenses directly to the hospital/nursing home. ICICI Lombard Health Insurance policy covers hospitalization, daycare procedures, domiciliary hospitalization, ambulance charges and more. Read this page and know more about the ICICI Lombard Health Insurance policies.
Popular ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Policies
ICICI Lombard General Insurance offers reliable health insurance policies that will take complete care of your medical expenses. Have a look at them below:

ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance:- A ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance policy that provides extensive coverage at the time of a medical emergency. You can get access to a wide range of cashless hospitals nationwide under this insurance plan.
ICICI Lombard Health Booster:- It is a top-up insurance plan that works as a backup when your base sum insured exhausts. You can buy ICICI Lombard Health Booster plan even if you don’t have a base plan with ICICI Lombard.
ICICI Lombard Arogya Sanjeevani Policy:- Arogya Sanjeevani Policy is a health plan that meets your basic healthcare needs. This policy comes at an affordable premium, and the insured can get a flexible sum insured option starting from INR 1 lakh.
Compare Your ICICI Lombard Health Insurance
You are the decision-maker when you have a variety of options, and the same power is provided to you while you are buying ICICI Lombard Health Insurance. So the best way to choose suitable health insurance is to compare the features and exclusions. Check out the table below and see which policy meets your requirements the most.

The insurer will not pay for the following medical expenses:-

1.Pre-existing health issues till the waiting period
2.Eye and Dental care unless arising from an accident or part of a covered illness treatment
3.Intentional self-injury/suicide
4.Sexually transmitted diseases like HIV
5.Health issue due to alcohol or drug abuse
6.Non-allopathic treatments
7.Conditions related to pregnancy or childbirth
8.Cosmetic treatment including plastic surgery unless required for an injury or illness treatment
9.Change of sex

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